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Keep up to date on the latest news of endangered species with Extinction Blog. New postings almost daily. (Which is unfortunate, if you think about it.)

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Fast Company reports: "In the next 12 months, starting with a major push this month, Wal-Mart wants to sell every one of its regular customers--100 million in all--one swirl bulb. In the process, Wal-Mart wants to change energy consumption in the United States, and energy consciousness, too. It also aims to change its own reputation, to use swirls to make clear how seriously Wal-Mart takes its new positioning as an environmental activist."

One great thing about moving new Extinction Blog entries to TypePad: I can now track not only how many visitors hit the site every day, but what search string led them to the site, if they came from a search engine. It's amazing how many people are visiting looking for information on the "world's largest snake." (Hey, as long as they're reading...)

Whoops. It's been a while since the last post here. That's because we've everything to a new level and made Extinction Blog 2.0 our official new site.

But worry not. After 3+ years on LJ, we're not going anywhere. The friends list will continue to grow, I'll keep posting related stories on other LJ communities, and you'll find updates here on the main page from time to time.

So keep reading, and keep active. Let's make the world a better place.

According to the World Conservation Union, the West African black rhino (Diceros bicornis longipes) is likely extinct, after recent efforts to find the species in its last refuge of Cameroon proved fruitless. Just ten of the animals were left in 2000, but their distance from each other made further breeding unlikely, if not impossible.

Full story

World Conservation Union press release

Give 'em a look. Then take action.

We're posting over on the beta test of Extinction Blog 2.0 this week, so here a few important stories you may have missed:

China bans use of tiger parts

Must read: The uncertain fate of Florida's red-cockaded woodpecker (and what it means to the manatee)

"Sudden wetlands dieback" in Connecticut

Tuna "catastrophre" in Mediterranean

Anti-poaching efforts pay off at Africa's oldest national park

More soon.

This week's posts will appear over at Extinction Blog 2.0 (beta) on TypePad. Let me know what you think and which site you prefer!

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