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Just a reminder that this blog isn't itself extinct, it moved long ago to our new publisher, Scientific American. Check out our latest stories here.

Here's this month list of good news, bad news, and whatever comes in between:

Endangered species: The new "blood diamonds"

Whale watch

Kenya: No tourism = no wildlife

The woes of the wandering wolverine

Six wins for endangered species

The economics of endangered species

Six losses for endangered species

Tiger populations plummet -- down 50% in 25 years

Study: Endangered chimps are no laughing matter

Reintroducing one of the world's rarest insects

The sad saga of the saiga

Fish recovery plan sets a precedent in Canada

CITES takes action against Nigeria's trade in endangered species

Group sues to protect 681 endangered species

China turns to "sexercise" to encourage panda breeding

Japan takes quick action to protect rare beetle

Wolves lose protected status today

Man meddles, nature suffers

"Green Tech," my new column about "green" technology, launches today at RiverWired.com. I hope you'll check it out!

Here's the latest from Extinction Blog:

 "Sexual harassment" endangers rare Mexican fish

Save an endangered species by domesticating it?

Too many endangered species, too little time

A win for whales

Homeowners vs. endangered species

Twists and turns in polar bear protection saga

Flying free

Warming worries for wildlife

Yes, no, maybe

Food or bait?

Shark fin soup: extinction in a bowl

Endangered species news updates

One tiny, tiny, tiny step for endangered species

Anyone know how to make bulletproof vests for wolves?

Brazilian state aims for "Zero Extinctions"

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Here's the latest from Extinction Blog:

<A title="" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/sexual_harassment_endangers_ra.php" fish="" mexican="" rare="" endangers="" harassment="" sexual="">&nbsp;"Sexual harassment" endangers rare Mexican fish</A>

<A title="Save an endangered species by domesticating it?" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/save_an_endangered_species_by.php">Save an endangered species by domesticating it?</A>

<A title="Too many endangered species, too little time" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/too_many_endangered_species_to.php">Too many endangered species, too little time</A>

<A title="A win for whales" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/a_win_for_whales.php">A win for whales</A>

<A title="Homeowners vs. endangered species" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/homeowners_vs_endangered_speci.php">Homeowners vs. endangered species</A>

<A title="Twists and turns in polar bear protection saga" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/twists_and_turns_in_polar_bear.php">Twists and turns in polar bear protection saga</A>

<A title="Flying free" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/flying_free.php">Flying free</A>

<A title="Warming worries for wildlife" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/warming_worries_for_wildlife.php">Warming worries for wildlife</A>

<A title="Yes, no, maybe" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/yes_no_maybe.php">Yes, no, maybe</A>

<A title="Food or bait?" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/food_or_bait.php">Food or bait?</A>

<A title="Shark fin soup: extinction in a bowl" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/shark_fin_soup_extinction_in_a.php">Shark fin soup: extinction in a bowl</A>

<A title="Endangered species news updates" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/endangered_species_news_update.php">Endangered species news updates</A>

<A title="One tiny, tiny, tiny step for endangered species" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/one_tiny_tiny_tiny_step_for_en.php">One tiny, tiny, tiny step for endangered species</A>

<A title="Anyone know how to make bulletproof vests for wolves?" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/anyone_know_how_to_make_bullet.php">Anyone know how to make bulletproof vests for wolves?</A>

<A title="Brazilian state aims for " href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/brazilian_state_aims_for_zero.php" extinctions="" zero="">Brazilian state aims for "Zero Extinctions"</A>

<A title="Can a species be " href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/can_a_species_be_evil.php" ?="" evil="">Can a species be "evil"?</A>

<A title="Can one man save the world's smallest snail?" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/can_one_man_save_the_worlds_sm.php">Can one man save the world's smallest snail?</A>

<A title="Elephant conservation too successful, culling to begin" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/elephant_conservation_too_succ.php">Elephant conservation too successful, culling to begin</A>

<A title="England protects voles, other endangered species" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/england_protects_voles_other_e.php">England protects voles, other endangered species</A>

<A title="End-of-the-month endangered species news wrap-up" href="http://www.plentymag.com/blogs/extinction/2008/02/endofthemonth_endangered_speci.php">End-of-the-month endangered species news wrap-up</A>

Here are this month's endangered species news stories from the pages of Plenty Magazine:

Wind vs. Wings

There's Oil in Them Thar Polar Bear Habitats!

Biofuels' Potential Danger to Biodiversity

Chinese Scientists Save the "Floral Panda"

Polar Bears, Butterflies Get Lawyers

Endangered Species News Roundup

Endangered Japanese Crane Outgrowing Its Habitat

Endangered Turtles Bring Higher Profits for Pet Dealers

Six Foreign Birds Get Protection in U.S.

"Year of the Reef" Launches Today

A Bad Week for Endangered Species in the U.S.

Global Warming: Bad News for Pugs and Bulldogs

Save the World's "Weirdest" Amphibians

Common Cold Killing Chimps -- Researchers to Blame

Britain's Rarest Fish Gets Rarer

Kenya "Anarchy" Threatens Wildlife

Fear Dominates Wolf Delisting Debate

Here are this month's new articles from Extinction Blog, published by Plenty Magazine:

Snakes in New Jersey Win Important Victory

Gee, a Happy Beginning: Pennsylvania to Protect Northern Flying Squirrel

Clock Ticking Toward Tasmanian Devil Extinction

Does Captive Breeding of Endangered Species Work?

Bumblebee Species Believed to be Extinct

A Rare Case of Invasive Species Helping An Ecosystem

Updates: Good News and Bad for Several Endangered Species

Rare Tiger Spotted for First Time in 30 Years

U.S. Drought Spells Bad News for Endangered Species

Resort Threatens Last 100 Grenada Doves

60 Nations Meet to Save Endangered Raptors

Gold Trumps Endangered Trout and Salmon in California

Third Iberian Lynx Population Discovered in Spain

How Do You Assess the Health of Endangered Species in the Wild?

Primate Apocalypse: One Third of Primate Species Risk Extinction

South Africa Bans All Abalone Fishing

New England Puts Endangered Loggerhead Turtles in the Cross-Hairs

Five Dead Cattle Spell Trouble for Mexican Gray Wolf

Here's the last month's worth of stories from the Plenty magazine web site:

UK Game Trust Calls for Grey Partridge Protection

Profiting from Panda Poo

Researchers Hope to Save Critically Endangered Deer from Inbreeding

60% of Zimbabwe's Wildlife Gone Since 2000; Ghana Bans Hunting for 4 Months

Group Sues to Protect Endangered American Jaguar

Contradictory Laws Enable High Fashion to Profit from Threatened Species

Cats vs. Endangered Birds

China's Yangtze River Dolphin Declared Extinct

Endangered Species News Roundup

Western Hemisphere's Largest Butterfly Risks Extinction

Frog-killing Fungus Worse than Originally Feared

Where Have All the Butterflies Gone?

A Campaign to Save the World's Most Endangered Birds

Bush Asks Federal Agencies to Cater to Hunters

New Island Home Equals Hope for the Gilbert's Potoroo

Banning Lead Bullets Could Save the California Condor

Emergency Rangers Deployed to Protect Endangered Mountain Gorillas

Hawaiian Monk Seal Gets First New Recovery Plan in Nearly 25 Years

Dietary Supplement Could Save Rare Parrot from Extinction

2008 Declared 'Year of the Frog'

Artificial Insemination Technique Gives Hope to Endangered Species

Lobstahs vs Whales

UK's Biodiversity in Crisis

Japan's Rarest Wildcat Gets Even Rarer

Three years, more than 750 entries, and coverage of more than 1,000 endangered species ... and yet I feel my work is just beginning.

Extinction Blog continues almost daily updates at the Plenty Magazine website. I hope you'll keep reading and keep taking action.

Thanks for your support over the last three years.

Hey folks -- starting today, Extinction Blog will be published by Plenty Magazine, a great environmental news and commentary magazine for people interested in living a greener life.

It's been three years since I started Extinction Blog here on LiveJournal, and a year since I moved the blog to a different service to try to grow the audience. This will help take the readership to a whole new level. I hope you'll check it out, keep reading, and take the action many of these endangered species need in order to survive.

Not counting a few administrative posts (like this one), Extinction Blog posted its 600th entry earlier today. That's a lot of species at risk, and it barely scratches the surface. Thanks for reading, and thanks for taking action.

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